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    Hello! I have had a passion for cannabis for over 25 years as a user. I've watched Prop 64 evolve from 215 days, I was a medical card holder until prop 64 clicked in and now I have been reflecting on the volume of cannabis we now have access to on the general market. Not only do we have various farmers, but with legal hands moving we see up to 5 licenses touch the product before it hits the bowl, but then also just within the processing portion we could see many plants being added to a single product. So, while I do not have a problem with this, I do have a problem with the fact the opposite is not happening. I mean, why can't the people get their own plant to process via the legal market?

    Say I want to employ the whole plant theory and create my own RSO, I believe with holistic healing, the user should be able to handle and process their own materials for healing and wellness. I believe that for at least some, maybe those who have anxiety, depression or mood-altering mental health ailments; cannabis from one single source for as long a time period as possible, the user benefits from this consistency.

    If you would like to chime in on this topic, please review the original post about One Plant Theory on CannaGeek, I included the link for the introduction to the theory, but there is a lot of content to digest! Thank you
    One Plant Theory states that it is beneficial to have consistent products created from a single plant, similar to the homegrown experience.  
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