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The 5 Kinds of Cannabis Buzz

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  • The 5 Kinds of Cannabis Buzz

    The Five Kinds of Cannabis Buzz

    Obviously, most of you are going to say something like "but there's more than five kinds of high, Pete, there's the Entourage effects from the terpenes blah blah..." Yeah, I know! But over time, I find that plain old cannabinoids tend to hit different too, and have sorted these highs into 5 *major* categories. We've all experienced or witnessed others experiencing, these five most common varieties of THC (or other altcan) buzz.

    The Instant Munchies

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    Some users get this effect exclusively and some only under certain kinds of weed. They always hit right as soon as you put down the bong. If the munchies don't hit immediately, the next tray of donuts, box of pizza, or even bowl of fruit you encounter will be sure to snag you. Typically, this is the full D9 THC weed that immediately turns on your appetite.

    Cannabis *is*, after all, prescribed for things like eating disorders too. I've discovered that you can be proactive if you're prone to munchies and think ahead. Stock fresh fruits and veggies so you eat healthy while you're at it - Cannabis makes healthy food taste better too, not just junk food.

    The Couch Collapse

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    It's easy to describe how this feels: Boneless, like you're just melting into the couch. It's not unpleasant at all - in fact, you've never felt more comfortable in your life! You just happen to lack all motivation to move and need a darn good reason to convince you otherwise. Even thinking too hard feels like too much of a chore. But it sounds like the perfect time for a nap pretty soon!

    I have no scientific data to back this up, but I seem to notice couch-lock associated with different altcans, especially CBD, CBN, and delta 10. Indeed, they are used to treat things like anxiety and chronic pain. People who use cannabis therapeutically tend to go for those heavy strains that have this effect. Go-getters will want to either stick to the Sativa or explore one of the altcans that doesn't take away your gumption.

    The Busy Bee

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    The exact opposite of the Couch Collapse, this is the high that drives you to conquer the world. Some users go for the spikiest Sativas exclusively and pair it with a gnarly espresso first thing in the morning. Creatives especially go for this effect. Then again, there are also altcan and terpene combinations that feel almost like an amphetamine, especially at lower doses. Delta 8 with high limonene might turn you into a human dynamo. But then again, some people just seem to get a fire lit under their tail no matter what they're using.

    Couch Collapsers and Busy Bees are annoying to each other, like the Felix and Oscar of stoners. If you seek out a Busy Bee effect, you just might be a workaholic who relies on weed to overcome your procrastination. But if you're using weed to relax specifically, a Busy Bee buzz can be annoying. In that case, head for the strains known for a heavier effect.

    The Hysterical Giggles

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    Well, you just can't help it! Everything is just so damned funny, and then that makes everybody stare at you making a fool of yourself, which just makes it FUNNIER! Then you try to calm down and end up going "prurp!" and "snert!" trying to contain the giggles. Great fun at parties, lousy everywhere else! Like, church, the office, or riding the crosstown bus without making the other passengers edge away nervously.

    Good news: The Hysterical Giggles are rare and usually, in my observation, limited to neophyte stoners. I know of nothing prone to the giggles effect but plain ol' D9THC. Some people tend to be giggling stoners no matter how long they go on using, or maybe they're just people with really keen senses of humor. I mean, life is ridiculous all the time, I'll grant you that.

    The Foggy Haze

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    This state of mind is best expressed as "duuuuuuuuhhh!" It's not actually that your IQ goes down, but the Foggy Haze shoots down your short-term memory, muddies your perception, makes it hard to focus on one thing and thus absentminded, and generally reduces your brain to tapoica pudding. Kinda fun in concert with other affects, but stand-alone it's just a state more like anesthesia or being really tired.

    Rest assured, you brain is coming back after you sober up! It's a relief to think a straight thought again afterwards. I find that HHC, delta 10, and sometimes other minor altnoids like THC-O or THCv tend to have this effect. If you're looking to avoid the Foggy Haze, head for strains noted for their "clear-headed" effect!

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    Hey Pete, I totally get what you're saying - while there may be more than five kinds of high, it's always interesting to see how people categorize their experiences. I'm definitely curious to hear more about your five major categories!


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      And just to add, while THC and other cannabinoids can definitely have different effects on people, it's also worth exploring the potential benefits of other cannabis compounds like terpenes. Plus, for those who may experience negative effects from THC, the best CBD for relief could be a great option for managing any discomfort or anxiety. Looking forward to hearing more about your categorizations!
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