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Yule Drug Bust for Family Fake Cart Business in Mobile Alabama

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  • Yule Drug Bust for Family Fake Cart Business in Mobile Alabama

    December 22nd was the winter solstice in 2020, the longest night of the year. It was indeed one very long night for a family conducting an illicit cannabis vape racket in Mobile, Alabama. A husband, wife, and son were all arrested December 22nd 2020, in a story which did not find its way to the top of the news cycle given everything else going on.

    The THC cartridges found on the premises include the brands Cali Bud, Dime, and Pure One. All of these brands regularly show up on counterfeit and fake cart packaging wholesale sites.

    In addition, Vibe Monk edibles and one Nerds Rope edible were found. While we focus on fake THC carts here, fake edibles are starting to become a growing trend as well.

    The violent side of the cannabis black market

    Here's the other reason I thought this story worth posting:

    Click image for larger version

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    That is a lot of guns for three people! Chances are that this was a bigger operation, or part of a network. It's a reminder that people still die in the cannabis black market, apparently in plain turf wars. Such still seems to be the case in the Aguanga, California, massacre of 7 at a pot farm in the desert, a story which we reported on back in September of 2020 and whose case still does not have a single lead.

    Sure, I understand, "guns don't kill people," etc. The point is, a family in a private residence felt it necessary to stock up like this. More legalization and regulation could help cut back on this kind of situation.
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