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Drone-assisted Heist on Marijuana Farms

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  • Drone-assisted Heist on Marijuana Farms

    If you cultivate cannabis and you notice a strange drone buzzing around, you might want to swat it down.

    Early Morning Marijuana Robbery North of Laytonville; Resident Suspects Thieves Using Drones to Case Cannabis Properties

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    This man was caught on camera hauling a bag filled with yanked plants out of a field in Laytonville, Mendocino County, California, in the wee hours of the morning. Authorities believe he used a drone to case the cannabis cultivation facility, then sneaked off with the weed to Highway 101, where he likely drove away.

    A resident interviewed said that this is the fourth time this year, and that they have seen others using "drones to scope gardens, and stealthily coming in on foot to take what they can carry." Several incidents have been tracked by left-behind trash and other evidence of trespassing, leading residents to conclude that there are 2-3 individuals involved.

    Drones are also allies in cannabis cultivation

    This is why we specify "strange" drones, because cannabis cultivators are using their own drones for mobile-assisted growing.

    Farming has gone high-tech, and marijuana farming is no exception. Drone flyovers four times per day allow farmers to monitor crop temperatures and other biometrics, which can be adjusted by automated systems. The technology assistance has led one farm to produce two kilograms of flower per plant.

    Bottom line: Cannabis farms have a lot of surveillance, including drones. But watch out for some to sneak in, because it could be somebody casing for a heist!

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