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Reefer Madness: Washington bill contemplates heading back for pot prohibition

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  • Reefer Madness: Washington bill contemplates heading back for pot prohibition


    "Citing concerns about a suspected connection between cannabis and psychosis, a group of Washington state lawmakers wants to slash the allowed potency of all non-medical cannabis concentrates, limiting THC levels to no more than 10%."

    This is troubling, but hopefully it doesn't go through. 10% THC is ridiculous, as numerous experts in that article state.

    But moreover, we're familiar with that study linking cannabis to psychosis. And here is why that study is bunk:

    The whole problem with that study is summed up in one of science's most important mantras: "Correlation does not equal causation." As the PopSci article points out, the actual odds of a psychosis episode among cannabis users is 1:20,000! One out of every twenty thousand cannabis users reports a psychotic episode.

    Now remove cannabis from the equation altogether and ask "what percentage of the population experiences psychotic episodes, period?" The answer is:

    107 per 100,000! So adjusting the numbers to match, only 5 per 100,000 cannabis users experience psychotic episodes. You could make the case that cannabis actually PREVENTS psychotic episodes just like that. That's a 95% reduction.

    More to the point, the cannabis-psychosis study starts by polling people who already had a psychotic episode and then asking if they used cannabis. That's a completely faulty method. You might as well walk through the psych ward and poll patients for anything - heavy metal music, sugary breakfast cereals, or wearing blue socks. You can link drinking water to psychosis this way. The more likely explanation is that people already experiencing mental symptoms attempt to self-medicate, which is just what people tend to do:

    Hopefully cooler heads prevail in Washington. But we need to call out bad legislation based on junk science whenever it comes up. The last thing we need is to drive people back to the black market.
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    Washington and marijuana legalization is one big joke, trust me. 10% of THC, really? I hope they will get better politicians soon and fix the marijuana legalization problem. They are only giving stupid reasons to illegalize marijuana


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      The thing about psychosis is maybe were all nuts and they are sane and we just think were the sane ones

      Psychiatry is psuedoscience for the most part


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