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Wisconsin representative pitches her heart out for legalizing

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  • Wisconsin representative pitches her heart out for legalizing


    State rep. Melissa Sargent is the latest to bang the table with a legalization argument. Wisconsin is now the center of a triangle in the Midwest, between Michigan and Illinois legalizing for recreational, and Minnesota legalized for medical.

    One quote worth zooming in on: "I have farmers who call my office every day who want to be part of this industry. They see it as a way to save their heritage and support their family."

    From my Iowa vantage point over the Midwest, I can see where the agricultural belt is an unexpected ally in legalizing. Simply put, if you're a farmer in the Midwest, your two biggest cash crops are corn and soybean. That's still profitable, but check the map on corn and soybeans:

    You're competing with some nine other states. Farmers are looking for another option, and once an agricultural state next door legalizes and they start seeing the money roll in that direction, the farmers get antsy real fast. As Rep. Sargent points out, "We live in a state where we are losing two family farms a day." I bet at least a few of those are packing up to move out West where the tall hemp grows.

    The peer pressure is compelling in the Corn Belt, which is also America's heartland. Once cannabis is established here, it's never going away.
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