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Iowa May Get to Vote on Cannabis Legalization?

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  • Iowa May Get to Vote on Cannabis Legalization?

    Truly???? Are we at last worthy? Even though it's a nonpartisan issue among voters, Republicans have been fighting legalization in the Midwest like it was Communism itself. But at least Democrats are giving it the college try.

    Iowa Democrats Unveil Marijuana Resolution To Put Legalization On Ballot For Voters To Decide

    When I got down to this quote, I fainted dead away:
    Trone Garriott said in a press release that “marijuana is easily accessible for adult use in neighboring states. Because of that, Iowa still has all of the challenges of this issue, but we get none of benefits.”

    “We are missing out on new, significant tax revenue, tax dollars that we could put to work in our state,” she said. “We are missing out on new jobs, and young people are moving elsewhere for the opportunities in this industry.”

    Wow! I have been screaming these exact words to anybody who will listen, for like 2 years now. Please, if you're a holdout state who is surrounded by legalized states, not legalizing is stupid.

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    See that map there, that is Iowa, the hole in the middle of the Midwest. What point does not legalizing in Iowa serve? It makes us drive five hours both ways while we give another state our money that we'd rather spend here. That's all it does. Oh, not legalizing also deprives our farmers of the many economic opportunities in hemp and cannabis. But Iowa isn't an agricultural state, what the hell does it care about farmers, am I right???

    Everybody I know in Iowa hops over one of three state borders and loads up on weed, then brings it into Iowa anyway. We are sending revenue out of the state. Might as well stand at the state border and just shovel piles of money away. The Midwest has the agriculture going for it already; hemp is yet another good cash crop. Holding out on prohibition is economic suicide.

    But, I guess "governor" (never elected to this office, BTW) Kim Reynolds, AKA #COVIDKim, never let a little thing like suicide slow her down, eh?

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