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Research Ties Marijuana Legalization to Car Accidents, Injuries

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  • Research Ties Marijuana Legalization to Car Accidents, Injuries

    tl;dr: Researchers found that car accidents in Colorado increased 10% after legalization, and increases in alcohol abuse and overdoses that resulted in injury or death increased by 5%.

    While abuse and injury increased, there were fewer diagnoses of chronic pain, supporting existing evidence that the drug can alleviate it. The study revealed that Colorado experienced a 5% decrease in hospital admissions for the condition.

    There's been little rigorous public health research regarding the health effects of marijuana consumption, Marcus said.

    "These data demonstrate the need to caution strongly against driving while under the influence of any mind-altering substance, such as cannabis, and may suggest that efforts to combat addiction and abuse of other recreational drugs become even more important once cannabis has been legalized," he said.

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