On the heels of the 2020 general election, with the big news of multiple states passing new marijuana legalization legislation and Oregon decriminalizing everything, California decided to step back into the spotlight.

State Senator Scott Wiener (D, San Francisco) has announced plans to introduce legislation that would decriminalize all psychedelic drugs. He cites the medicinal value in these drugs to treat PTSD, depression, and other conditions. Here's the tweet straight from the Twitter feed:

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Previously, the city of Oakland, California, has already decriminalized psychedelics at the municipal level. Now, Oakland council members have unanimously approved a resolution that calls on California state lawmakers to follow suit. This is part of a growing wave of support for legalizing psychedelics altogether.

California decriminalization is huge news drug-wise

As the most populous state, California state law affects over 39 million Americans. While legalization of marijuana has put a dent in California arrest and incarceration, it's still one of the highest per-capita states in the nation for arrests and imprisonment. California imprisons 328 citizens out of 100K, second only to Texas.

Dropping non-violent drug arrests even further allows law enforcement to concentrate on more serious offenses. Moreover, psychedelics offenders are sentenced harshly, with every single psylocibin possession warranting a felony. Now how's this for irony: University of British Columbia research as of 2017 suggests that use of psychedelics may actually reduce criminal activity!

So, cannabis may turn out to have the honor of being the "gateway drug" after all, in that its legalization paved the way for ending prohibition of other drugs.