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How To Roll A Joint Full Guide (Step by Step)

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  • How To Roll A Joint Full Guide (Step by Step)

    Many people do not use the full potential of Marijuana for the practical reason that they interfere with their devices badly and thus diminish the intoxicants of marijuana. If it is rolled up badly, the unit burns irregularly or quickly, or cannot be towed for various reasons (bad flop, wet grass, too hard or too soft joint, bust, not well ironed, etc.). In this short illustrated guide, we will walk you through the key steps of reeling a classic medium-sized joint. Nothing revolutionary, but it has been brought to our attention that some have no idea about the matter. And this is a very important craft in life, right.

    Step 1: Prepare the required materials

    You need Marijuana to get started because it goes really hard without it. Many try to work out the effect of grass with the help of cat shit or any teas, but from that - a brown hat. Em will hurt your lungs later, your eyes will be bleeding from pain in the sinus area, and you will have a desperate breath. In addition to the grass, you need paper, a tray to put it in. We recommend SMOKING, medium for up to 3 people. Or 100s for old hooks eager to dwell. (Medium-sized Smoking Cube Used) You will also need some tobacco (From some quality cigarette, preferably LIGHT, so that your lungs do not hurt. We used Winston 100s because we did not have another, and we are used to it) You will also need cards known as "flops", or devices named after a six-legged pet, or "roach" ... if anyone ever figures out why to explain. If you buy the ENJOY 100s Rizle (the only useful import item from Croatia besides Kraš and Severini's action film), with extraordinary tuxedo shirts, you get about 60 flops cut and ready to use.

    Step 2: Clean the weed

    For your joint to be of good quality, it is advisable to take all the crap out of it, starting with the hay, straw, twigs, seeds and other garbage your dealer has rolled up. If there is no trash, be sure to praise the dealer and share his phone number with us.

    Step 3: Mix marijuana and tobacco

    In no case should it be exaggerated. A bit of tobacco is just as bad as too much tobacco. Tobacco is necessary for the grass to burn evenly. In any case, do not overdo it with tobacco, depending on how much grass you decide to put in Joint, you should also determine the amount of tobacco. About 1/4 of the device should be tobacco (in the case of wet grass, 1/3)

    Step 4: Making Flop

    For flops, it is best to use "pre-made" flops that can be found mostly on traffic (Enjoy or something). Unless you have it in your neighborhood, it will serve a slice of your tobacco packet, part of a business card, flyer or anything of thin cardboard. Urban legends talk about Milan Mladenovic rolling in A1 format hammer. Of course, plastic cardboard should be avoided for obvious reasons. The cardboard needs to be rolled up ... how gypsies roll the carpet Or Butcher salami. In any case, it's hard to find the right expression for it, see the picture for how it works. Someone smart said, 1 picture is worth more than 1000 words.

    Step 5: Rolling

    If the bar is not folded in half lengthwise, be sure to do so. Set the flop to the end of the riser on the left or right side, depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed, and you can already throw marijuana at the roller.

    The weed should be properly distributed. It is best if the joint thickness is not greater than the flop thickness, because in this case the joint will be flat and even, and thus save you a good deal of grass that would otherwise go into the wind by burning a barrel, or a large unnecessary fry that would make.

    The weed should be "compacted" or more precisely "rolled" in the ridge. In fact, this is more like rubbing, so that the grass is evenly distributed along the length of the ridge. If you don't do this properly, you'll have a rickety spree, a joint, or a *****, which will make it hard for you to inflate in the company because their 98-year-old grandmother is better off ... having spent her entire working life in the sawmill and she misses a few fingers.

    Once the roll is successfully brought to an end, it should be folded over, rewinding it so that the grass inside remains compacted and in place. Then glue the glue on nicely (again not too much so that it does not crack) and gently cross your fingers with the outside of the glue to better glue it to the paper. Take special care not to crease or tear the bar in the process.

    The cigarette used for mixing with the herb should be used once more. It is necessary to optimally compact the grass in order to achieve satisfactory firing hardness. There is no need to exaggerate for a number of reasons, as it will burn harder, as your throat will ache from the frantic sucking of the flop, as it can crack the bar and again again. When you have enough compaction, continue to add what you have left to fill the joint to the end.


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