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  • Ethereal Gold Dispensary - Cannabis Vending Machines

    Ethereal Gold Dispensary, the only dispensary in the nation who requires all products to have full-panel testing for consumer safety and compliance, has launched their legal cannabis vending machine program. These vending machines will be available at select venues with federally and state legal products like federally & state legal cannabis edibles and other cannabis products.

    The machines are not your typical vending machine. They include age verification to ensure that under age (attempted) buyers are unable to receive product. These machines are the next step in acquiring products for consumers to enjoy and that assist with their day-to-day missions — without having to visit Ethereal Gold Dispensary during store hours or wait a few days for shipping. As with all Ethereal Gold Dispensary purchases, any products purchased at these vending machines also support communities that have been affected by the "War on Drugs" with Ethereal Gold Dispensary's "It's the Right Thing to Do" donation program.

    If you are interested in having a vending machine at your bar, restaurant or venue apply here
    Ethereal Gold Dispensary is the only dispensary in the nation that only carries fully tested products. Delta-8, Delta-9, CBD, CBN, CBG, THC-P, and more!
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