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Yocan HIT does not produce clouds?

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  • Yocan HIT does not produce clouds?

    Yocan HIT is a portable weed vaporizer developed by Yocan. The dry herbs are roasted in an all-ceramic chamber to produce a pure flavor. The OLED screen can clearly see the temperature change, and the temperature control range is from 200F to 480F. , taste smooth and delicious at low temperature or RIP instantly at high temperature, it is all up to you!

    If you encounter a situation where YOCAN HIT cannot produce clouds, try the following methods:
    1. Make sure the weeds are ground before loading!
    2. Find the right temperature
    3. Stir with a stirring tool
    4. Fully charged battery
    5. Make sure the airway is not blocked
    6. If none of the above methods can turn the weeds brown, please contact the store where you purchased them in time

    Get more on Yocan official web:
    Yocan wholesale:
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