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Nationwide dispensary looting not just work of rioters?

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  • Nationwide dispensary looting not just work of rioters?

    During the recent period of what we'll diplomatically call "civil unrest," there seems to have been unusual targeting of cannabis dispensaries. Leafly reports 43 cannabis dispensaries on the West Coast were looted over the last week's George Floyd protests. The difference is, not all of this was hothead looters on the streets who happened to find a brick in hand. Security footage and on-scene evidence indicates professional thieves with safecracking tools.

    Along with this there was also vandalism and casual ransacking. Footage was captured of a crowd hitting MedMen:

    One San Francisco store reports $10K stolen merch:

    If you look at that video, that was a coordinated, organized effort. A group of people all wearing parkas with hoodies, one brought the crowbar while another waits to begin scooping. This was planned, not just spontaneous looting.

    The East Bay Express claims that "every single pot retailer in Oakland was targeted."

    The BCC has temporarily disabled its Cannabis License search interface, on the suspicion that it was being used to locate dispensaries for burglary.

    That's such a great example of California logic!

    Four Chicago dispensaries were also looted, including by individuals who were armed.

    Video here shows a huge mob knocking off THC Center in Chicago:

    Boston's first recreational dispensary also looted:

    Latest tally seems to be over 40 dispensaries nationwide got hit, including Oregon, Philadelphia, New York, and Florida:

    So I know I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but it bears saying that it's a shame we had to see this happening so early on in the legalization effort. These are commonly minority-owned small businesses who have the added handicap of not having easy access to business banking and insurance coverage. It's harder for them to recover from this than it is for the average liquor store.
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