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Deep Roots Wendover NV: Ridiculous prices, $80 half gram live resin cartridge

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  • Deep Roots Wendover NV: Ridiculous prices, $80 half gram live resin cartridge

    Was up in Wendover a week ago and saw that Deep Roots Wendover is now open. For those not familiar Wendover is a border town next to Utah where it has some casinos and now one dispensary.

    All the half gram carts start at $55 plus tax and most the 1/8s of weed are $60 and up. What stuck out the most was an $80 half gram live resin cart.


    It's unfortunate they charge these prices in a town where people have access to nothing else. The next closest dispensary is Tsaa Nesunkwa in Ely - which also is the only dispensary in town, but charges way more reasonable prices. Tsaa is on par with the better priced dispensaries in Las Vegas and Reno.Some of their stuff like the Lucid Syringes for $35 a half g are cheaper than other areas.

    On top of the prices - Deep Roots, just like when I reviewed their Mesquite location carries a pretty small batch of brands. Mostly they carry their own house brand.

    Deep Roots doesn't have Nevada's best brands like Roots, Cannavative, The Grower Circle and many others which make the state a great place for products. Not a big fan of the stores that don't carry a good variety.

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    Woah, the price is ridiculous, it shouldn't be legal to charge that amount of money for weed


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      the price we give out weed for black market depends on the quality of strains normally market price is 5$ for a gram of good weed
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