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Dispensaries Coming in Virginia?

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  • Dispensaries Coming in Virginia?

    Someone have any info on the dispensary permits in Virginia?

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    See here for more info.


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      Virginia became the first state in the South to begin legalizing adult use of cannabis. Adults 21 years of age and older can use marijuana in private residences. However, nothing prohibits the owner of a private home from restricting marijuana use on their property. For this purpose, special cannabis dispensaries have been opened in Virginia, where people can apply for a therapeutic dose. I suffer from occasional health problems, and many medications cannot help me. I am firmly against using them in large quantities because you can damage other organs. That's why I practice using medicinal weed sometimes.
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        Thanks for the notice! Reminds me, we have to update this list. We still have Virginia as medical+decriminalized.

        In any case, last word I hear is that legalized dispensaries don't come online in Virginia until 2024, 1/1.


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          Recreationally things are looking to begin in 2024. Still quite a while to go. Who knows if they'll introduce something medical before then. A lot more states have recently legalized cannabis and the negative stigma around the plant is decreasing at a rapid pace.


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