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Coronado Mall dispensary in Albuquerque New Mexico hosts all fake boof carts

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  • Coronado Mall dispensary in Albuquerque New Mexico hosts all fake boof carts

    Considering that we're on the second half of a decade crusading against boof carts, pictures like this just make me want to punch things:

    Click image for larger version

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    This is a dispensary shelf posted on the Reddit /r/fakecarts forum. That is an actual storefront business hosting the most trashy black market brands imaginable, including Cereal carts, Monopoly carts, Chronic carts, and more. Who knows what's in them? Who even approved these?

    The Reddit posters report this is at the smoke shop at Coronado Mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We have hardly heard any news coming out of New Mexico yet regarding cannabis. Our state guide shows New Mexico as being "almost fully legal," already legal for medical and decriminalized, but awaiting the enactment of legislature to make it recreation-legal.

    Several commenters on Reddit speculate that the sham carts could be filled with delta-8, CBD, THC-O, or other sideways derivative of cannabinoids. If so, that would be a lucky break; at worst it could be cut, heavy metals, or synthetic weed.

    We're presuming the publicity this story is getting may direct regulation authorities in New Mexico to shut this shop down, or at least make them quit shilling imported Chinese packaging for their boof.

    Shame! This is a detriment to the cannabis industry, and an example of how hard we have to work to get the truth out there. Some people are just still not getting it.
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