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Best Dispensary in Reno: TheDispensary MidTown, by a mile

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  • Best Dispensary in Reno: TheDispensary MidTown, by a mile

    Stayed in Reno a bit ago and thought this should be out there. Most the dispensaries in Reno are not very good, including Mynt, which basically only has its own brand products, Kynd.
    The Kynd bud isnt bad but the carts are awful. That shop is right in downtown where I was staying so tried it out.

    Then.... got on weedmaps and searched around and found TheDispnensary midtown. First place I picked up Roots cartridges - and they even got deals of 2 for $60 at times, which I missed.

    Based on my Weedmaps searching they also had the best prices and vape cart selection in Reno.

    FINALLY went to their vegas shop and its also one of the cheapest for carts in vegas. Hats off to thedispensary for coming out with good prices all around. I would like to see Roots in stock in LV though! Last time it was out. Adding Cannavative would be great too.
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