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New empty vape cart and packaging suppliers online

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  • New empty vape cart and packaging suppliers online

    For the longest time, if you wanted to verify that a THC cartridge brand is fake or counterfeited, all you'd have to do is search for it on DHGate or Alibaba. Those two were the only source for knock-off carts. Sometimes Chinese sellers would get a little bold and put those on Amazon or eBay too, but they're quick to delist them.

    Then it seemed like newer brands of empties stopped showing up on those sites. And we thought "they have to come from somewhere!"

    Well we found them alright. A bunch of new sites have popped up selling pre-branded empty cart packaging.

    New edits: We'll keep updating this as we find more.

    "Vapes Wholesale"
    Too many brands to even name, Select, Stiiizy, RUNTZ, Cookies, Big Chief, Raw Garden, and more.
    Why are we posting this? Because it gives us a head's up on fakes that might be hitting the street soon! Vapes Wholesale has prebranded carts called "Posh Plus," "Mr Fog," "Puff Bar," "Mr Vapor" and more. Never heard of any of these, but when we do see them we know where they came from now!

    "Carts Packaging"
    All the top black market and counterfeit brands, lined right up like a rogue's gallery!

    "Cheapest Vape Supplies"
    Gets straight to the point, only has a few brands.

    "Made In China"
    The usual Dank, Kingpen, Brass Knuckles, Smart cart.

    "420 Vape Bulk"
    Major brands include Muha Meds, Lion's Breath, Glo, Brass Knuckles, Dabwoods, also have packaging for prerolls, cans, and weed bags.

    Under "industrial and scientific" (yeah right) there's Kingpens, Cereal carts, Smart Carts, Heavy Hitters, Exotics, Chronics, RUNTZ, Dabwoods, Cookies, and more.

    "420 CBD Pen"
    Site has a variety of inventory, even COVID-19 protective gear. And the linked page features many common counterfeit brands

    "Sticker Press"
    A site printing custom-made mylar bags, stickers, and general flower containers. Based out of Washington D.C., so it kind of makes sense for the gift economy thing they have going on there, but available to anyone, which tells you never to trust the brand name on a container. Not that you couldn't know that already.

    This is a nice little development, because we were certain that there were some brands getting counterfeited out there but we never though to look beyond Alibaba and DHGate for awhile. So now we know these sites have proliferated.

    It figures this would happen. The black market for vapes is so huge now that just supporting it has become a cottage industry. It's not even illegal to sell empty vape cartridges and branded packaging, as long as there's no filling. These are probably all drop-shippers for individual package manufacturers in China.

    "During the gold rush its a good time to be in the pick and shovel business" -- Mark Twain
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    Anything about Muha Meds?


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      Originally posted by Liverpoolsnake123 View Post
      Anything about Muha Meds?
      Muha Meds does have some central processing but we think there are fakes out there. They do not have a license so they are technically not legit and we do not recommend them.


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        Can you lab test them?


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          Anybody with a lab facility can test anything you want, just bring the sample into a lab near you.

          As for Muha Meds, their packaging is all over the sites we list here, so chances are they're burned.


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