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Cartquest: Door Rush 420 / Bombshell Extracts / Cali Clear Kings

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  • Cartquest: Door Rush 420 / Bombshell Extracts / Cali Clear Kings


    We will leave our investigation trail up for others who want to know:

    Start with the brand "Bombshell Extracts" reported in Reddit's fake cart list.

    Easy enough, we find a couple Instagrams:

    There do appear to have been some Bombshell Extracts product sold, but not many and the brand appears closed.
    WeedMaps review:

    Note the source is only this company Door Rush 420,
    with a license of C9-0000150-LIC, which does indeed check out on California's BCC:
    C9-0000150-LIC Cannabis - Retailer Nonstorefront License Regene Perry PURITY ANALYTICS, LLC : Door Rush 420 : Email- [email protected] : Phone- 5108152512 Limited Liability Company OAKLAND, CA 946015114 County: ALAMEDA Active 06/28/2019 06/27/2020 BOTH
    That outfit is also advertised very much on the Bombshell Extracts IG. But so far, we only have a delivery license, not a CDPH for extraction.

    Which brings us to "Clear Kings," another brand featured on the same IG. So now we're led to this IG:
    Here again, a "Cali Clear Kings" brand all over the place in conjunction with this Door Rush 420 company, and a reviewer on YouTube:
    Clear Kings is the only brand sold by Door Rush 420 according to Weedmaps:
    Go to the Facebook page for Cali Clear Kings, and it's all about Door Rush 420:

    Here's what made discovery difficult: is a non-functioning site, is a blank site, just a phone number and email. is a dead site.

    On the PurityAnalytics site, the phone # is (510) 842-3276 - white pages says that belongs to Sandra D Baker who has since moved...
    ...and note neither the name nor the phone number matches the BCC license info.
    Where does the BCC phone number go to? A property management company in San Leandro!

    Actual producer's license found at CDPH-10002734 for Purity Analytics:

    LICENSE CATEGORY - Adult and Medicinal
    PREMISES EMAIL - [email protected]
    EFFECTIVE DATE - 04/23/2019
    LICENSE TYPE - Type 7
    PREMISES PHONE - 5108152512
    EXPIRATION DATE - 04/23/2020
    PREMISES COUNTY - Alameda County
    ANNUAL/PROVISIONAL - Provisional

    Well thank heaven, we contacted the dispatcher at the WeedMaps listing for Door Rush 420 to let them know they have 3 websites down and a maze of confusing information out there. Case closed.

    Moral of the story: Seriously guys, $5 a month at GoDaddy or something gets you a domain where you can say "Hey, we're this company and our license number is this." Or pop your CDPH type 7 up on WeedMaps. Or *something*.
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    Awesome research maybe we can setup a page for them


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      Good job mate, a lot of information packed into one post, amazing work


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