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Cartquest: Anesthesia Farms? Anybody know about this brand?

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  • Cartquest: Anesthesia Farms? Anybody know about this brand?

    While investigating cartridge brands to determine if they are legit or
    fake, we come upon a bunch of questionable cases. Maybe they're in the
    process of getting licensed, were legit but went out of business, were
    legit but got counterfeited, street brands, and just complete

    I'm deciding to post them in here, with threads marked "CartQuest." I
    post everything I can find, and then we have notes to pick up research
    later or a thread if anybody can add to it. (It would be NICE if a
    brand could return our calls or emails once, but of course that would
    be too easy.)

    Today's cart quest: Anesthesia Farms

    Red flag: No website, just an Instagram
    Green flag: They seem to test rigorously and post results on IG.

    Green flag: A delivery service handles them:
    Red flag: They appear to be the only distributor.
    Redder flag: The delivery service itself does not appear legit at all, and the only other brand of THC cart they handle is the equally mysterious Muha Meds, a ghost brand we've been chasing for months.

    That delivery service is American OG Inc. They have a phone number through which they insist must be text-only.
    Address: Elsworth Street, Moreno Valley, California 92553, United States

    WTF: From their 'about us' section: "By responding to this add you acknowledge you are not affiliated with any law enforcement agency.
    OK, whoever needs to hear this: Cops are not required to disclose that they are cops. That's how undercover works.

    So, anybody run across Anesthesia Farms, knows their license status, seen these bumping around the Inland Empire?

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    HAHAHAHAHA, their Instagram profile is literally a joke, ANESTHESIA FARMS & Co 👁🔥👁FINEST QUALITY 🍯”ALWAYS IMITATED BUT NEVER DUPLICATED“ EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE STOCK⚠️NO SALES ⚠️MUST BE 21+⚠️👁🔥👁 #WTB 🚷STOP THE HATE🚷 KNOW YOUR SMOKE 🏆⛽️🇺🇸, is their description, and pictures look sketchy


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      yall are dumb asf onggggg i been smoking anesthesias for like 2 years they are some of the best goddamn carts ever. they are definitely not fake but if yall wanna snooze and lose that's on you guys. and the reason anesthesia farms is probably sketch to you guys is because it's not like a huge brand or anything like it's local so like basically the only people that smoke them or even know about them are from my area but i mean they're definitely better than exotics710s (which are fake as fuck) roves, glo, basically any other cart. i 100% recommend them, plus they are always posting their lab tests and their products. i can tell you it's not a bad brand, but i guess you'll have to leave that to yourself to try them out.
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