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Somebody FINALLY sued DHGate for counterfeit vapes!

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  • Somebody FINALLY sued DHGate for counterfeit vapes!

    Readers who listen to me rant around here, know my opinion of third-party vape counterfeit packaging sites and the supply-line of the black market: I would just as soon see DHGate, Alibaba, and the rest of them shut down forever. But this lawsuit from January of this year is a good start...

    Florida vape company Bidi Vapor has been awarded a restraining order against 24 defendants – mainly based in China – that it accuses of counterfeiting its products.
    > “The shady business of counterfeit products is penetrating the market, putting Bidi products in a bad light,” says the company. “We do not want our consumers and partners to fall victim to these counterfeits.”

    > "It also advises customers to buy the sticks from authorised direct retailers only. Kaival Brands, the exclusive distributor for products manufactured by Bidi Vapor, expects to make $400m to $450m in revenues from the range in fiscal 2021."

    Even though you have to go after individual companies selling through DHGate, it's a start. DHGate would like to sit on their asses and pretend this isn't their problem, but they know exactly what they are doing.

    While we're there, has a few more reports related to the vast fake vape cart market:

    China shutters company faking Juul vape products
    > "Juul says its brand protection team identified Shenzhen Kang Erqiang Electronic Technology Co as a major player in the illicit global trade of counterfeits of its products after a lengthy investigation conducted in 2019."

    > "After sharing the intelligence with Chinese law enforcement, raid were carried out at the company, resulting in the seizure of 14,600 units of counterfeit Juul products, including pods, devices, and packaging."

    Here again, a company itself had to blow the whistle! This is one area where eCommerce has a severe disadvantage: Juul is a big industry giant, but what hope does a mom 'n' pop start-up have in getting China to listen to them? China could be cracking down on *ALL* the counterfeit merch it produces, as we've documented here.

    Smoore wins $5.4m damages in counterfeit vape lawsuit
    > "Chinese e-cigarette company Smoore has won a damages award against more than 100 defendants it accused of counterfeiting its Vaporesso brand."

    > "The verdict in a New York federal court orders that Smoore receive $50,000 per defendant – equivalent to $5.4m overall – and implements a permanent injunction on the sale of Vaporesso goods or other Smoore product covered by trademarks."

    > "Shenzhen-based Smoore filed the complaint in October, claiming trademark counterfeiting and infringement against defendants who were located in China but conducting business in the US and other countries, generally using storefronts on online marketplaces."

    Now remember: The majority of counterfeit merch comes from China. This is an example of a legit Chinese corporation getting copied by counterfeiters in China, so they had to come to America to sue the American end of distribution. Make sense?

    Need we forget, the same site also reiterates the story of how black market vapes fueled the call for the federal vape mail ban, which the USPS just implemented this month. So far we've seen one distributor fold, but most US vape companies are desperately trying to work around it.

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