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Are these carts real?

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  • Are these carts real?

    I took a few hits from it and I got pretty stoned.

    I understand that "fake" carts can typically be spotted by including a THC % label on the box. Also, I haven't been able to locate this company anywhere online, and there are no links or codes or URL's on the box of the cartridge.

    What are the risks of vaping this potentially fake cart? Are my lungs going to get F****ed and am I breathing in heavy metals? When I hit it, I definitely get high.

    I bought 2 of them for $45 each from my plug. This is the first time I've bought carts from him, I usually just buy his bud which is always good.

    Should I ask him for a refund/exchange for the other cartridge which I haven't opened yet?

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    Yep, that's a fakie alright! This might literally be a homebrew brand made by your plug or someone they know.

    What you do from here is up to you. We don't mean to scare-monger here, we just want consumers to be informed of the risk. So yes, there is no guarantee of a safe product when buying from plugs. It's up to how much you trust your plug.


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      Thank you!


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