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Is Friendly Farms safe to use?

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  • Is Friendly Farms safe to use?

    I am thinking about purchasing a cartridge from Friendly Farms and I’m curious about whether or not it’s a safe brand. I’m from Louisiana and the person I’m buying from is shipping from California. I’ve unfortunately purchased two fake cartridges before and while nothing happened I’d prefer to double check the brand before hand. Picture provided by seller.

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    NO!!! Never try to order THC products through online shipping. They're all scam sites that take your money and never send anything:

    One more time, we will tell you to quit falling for online stores that claim to ship THC weed products. They take your money and send nothing!

    Friendly Farms is a real brand but is also counterfeited.

    The inevitable counterfeits of the premium Friendly Farms brand have hit the streets. Friendly farms is proactive in heading them off.

    You're in a really tough spot in Louisiana. Illinois is the closest fully-legalized state to you. Don't know what to tell you.


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      Only get friendly farms from the dispensary & that’s not their box


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