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Are BASIX carts real or fake

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  • Are BASIX carts real or fake

    I keep seeing these basix carts around but i can find anything on them are they real?

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    Word we see on the street so far is they appear to be a black market producer. I don't find any empty packaging for sale on the usual sites, so they might all come from that one producer so far. They look cheap though...


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      I just got one as a "gift" and I can't figure out if its real of fake its grape ape but on the other side it has the weed plant in a triangle with and ! And CA under it. Does it mean its fake?


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        Pretty likely so. The "CA" triangle part is just copied across brands on all the black market packaging coming from China, even the ones not specifically associated with California. It's a universal symbol:

        Fun story time:

        The symbol is supposed to mean that the packaging complies with California cannabis packaging standards. These standards specifically state that packaging "should not imitate any products that appeal to children."

        So then black market packaging printers do this:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	violated_California_cannabis_packaging_standards.jpg
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        "Cartnite" is a play on words for "Fortnite," a popular video game.


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