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CartQuest: Original Buddha Brothers Extracts

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  • CartQuest: Original Buddha Brothers Extracts

    While investigating cartridge brands to determine if they are legit or
    fake, we come upon a bunch of questionable cases. Maybe they're in the
    process of getting licensed, were legit but went out of business, were
    legit but got counterfeited, street brands, and just complete

    I'm deciding to post them in here, with threads marked "CartQuest." I
    post everything I can find, and then we have notes to pick up research
    later or a thread if anybody can add to it. (It would be NICE if a
    brand could return our calls or emails once, but of course that would
    be too easy.)

    Today's CartQuest: Original Buddha Brothers Extracts

    These guys are in a grey area to where I can't figure out what's going on. At the least, their carts don't seem to make it out on the streets much, so little harm done anyway.

    First off, they have a website:

    Their brand seems to sell everything from apparel to fruit juice. They even have a spice rack in there.

    They do have carts:

    But before we get any further, there's a clearly registered trademark:

    This was registered in June of this year. That indicates a legit business of some sort.

    But getting back to the carts, their cart page links to a fake COA:

    A few samples spotted in the wild:

    There's a number of possibilities here:

    For one thing, the original trademark owner could have nothing to do with these guys.

    The trademark attorney is in New York, but the trademark owner is a guy in Santa Rosa, CA. For the record, the only company with "Buddha" in its name licensed anywhere in CA is one unrelated dispensary. The same guy owns a whole line of trademarks, in fact, including the one for "High Sierra Extracts," which appears to be a legit dispensary.

    Bear in mind that just because one guy owns these trademarks doesn't mean he runs every business hands-on himself. He might not know what's going on.

    Original Buddha Brothers is usually seen as "Original Buddha Bros" and has a number of random goofy cart varieties.

    Finally, maybe this website and the people making the vape cart simply ripped off the trademark and brand name from the legit owner.

    Not to be confused with the dozens of OTHER cannabis brands with "Buddha" in their name, of course. Which reminds me:

    Can we knock it off with the Buddha / Zen association already?

    I'm not here to defend any religion, but I try to be respectful and tolerant of people's beliefs as long as they're not dicks about it.

    There is NOTHING in Buddhism, Zen, or any associated belief that condones or encourages cannabis.

    Buddhism doesn't specifically forbid one substance or another, since it tends to focus more on why you're doing something than what you are doing. But mind-altering recreational substances of any kind are seen as at least deviating from the path to enlightenment.

    This trend of stamping Buddha and Zen and Yin/Yang symbols on everything in pot culture is disrespectful. It's like naming your vodka brand after the Virgin Mary or your blotter acid after Allah.

    People who appropriate Buddhist imagery for branding aren't showing any reverence or adherence to Eastern beliefs. They're just being dicks about it.​
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